“Why Should I Buy American?”

daluca made in the usa

Daluca Handmade in the USA.

DaLuca has always been a company that has embraced and proudly expressed the fact that all of its products are 100% handmade in the USA. We hold this aspect of our production high esteem for a number of reasons, as do many of our customers. Continue reading ‘“Why Should I Buy American?”’

To Beard or Not to Beard?

to beard or not to beard?


Men’s beard fashion comes and goes. Australian researchers have actually determined that the beard frenzy happening around the world may soon be screeching to a halt, and that frequent shavers instead may have the edge in attracting the fairer sex. Continue reading ‘To Beard or Not to Beard?’

What is Scotch?

what is scotch?

Scotch splash.

The most cerebral, dignified and complex of all liquors, scotch has always been considered to be the honest gentleman’s drink of preference. The ground level basics of personal scotch enthusiasm rest on a few essential facts about the drinks’ history and how it’s produced. Continue reading ‘What is Scotch?’

Panerai Transat Classique 2015: Watchmaking Colossus Rises From The Depths to Offer Yachters Another Grasp at Classic, Seafaring Glory

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Panerai Transat Classique 2015

Those familiar with the history of iconic, watchmaking company Officine Panerai may not find surprise in the fact that for the past decade, Panerai has avidly fostered the resurgence of luxury yachting in the mediterranean. With a long history of creating specialized watches for the Royal Italian Navy, Panerai has embraced this nautical aspect of their history in the most modern sense. As a company so in touch with its own inherent class, elegance and quality, is it any question whether Panerai would transfer the immaculate standards of its watchmaking to its venture into the world of yachting? There is no doubt. Continue reading ‘Panerai Transat Classique 2015: Watchmaking Colossus Rises From The Depths to Offer Yachters Another Grasp at Classic, Seafaring Glory’

The History of Panerai Watches

For watch collectors and aficionados, Panerai is one of the most esteemed watch manufacturing and marketing companies in the world.

Founded by one, Giovanni Panerai (1825–1897) in Florence, Italy, in 1860, the company has easily expanded its influence to all corners of the globe. With their watches’ unmistakable appearance and reputation as a fascinating piece of history, true sophisticates have adopted the brand as one representing both high class and sleek style.  Despite Panerai’s fame and credentials today, the company started out humbly enough.

Giovanni opened his original watch shop along the streets of Florence. The building acted as a number of things; a workshop for the production and repair of watches, a place for Giovanni to sale his wares, and later as the city’s very first school for watchmakers. Continue reading ‘The History of Panerai Watches’

Kazimon 1500 Watch Review

There is a new brand of watches which you may or may not have heard about, that is called Kazimon. Brand owner Kazim Kenzo is the brainchild behind this high quality, limited production brand. He has come up with some amazing new watch designs and has executed them with perfection. Each watch is made in ultra limited quantities, with the utmost attention to detail. For instance their new “Kazimon 1500″ model watch had only 99 pieces crafted in stainless and 15 pieces in bronze. I was lucky enough to get one of the 99 watches (see our pictures below), which is a gorgeous example of their German made quality. 100% of the parts are made and sourced within Germany and the prices are quite low for the quality. Continue reading ‘Kazimon 1500 Watch Review’

DaLuca Straps Horween Chromexcel and Shell Cordovan Wallets

DaLuca tries to create the finest handmade products and we are very proud to introduce genuine Horween shell cordovan and chromexcel leathers to use in our limited edition line of angle and stash wallets. Each wallet is hand-cut from ink or green cavalier chromexcel leather, made by Horween leather company in Chicago, Il. The stitching is 100% saddle stitched by hand  which creates a very durable product that should last for many Continue reading ‘DaLuca Straps Horween Chromexcel and Shell Cordovan Wallets’

The Art Of Aging Leather and Developing A Leather Patina

As many people know, leather ages beautifully! Yes, it may take time, but good things come to those who wait. The art of aging leather is something that everyone can do, with just a little bit of patience and the right technique. The first thing to do when starting to age leather is to pick the right piece of leather. This may come in the form of a wallet, belt, watch strap or even a key fob. Once you have selected the right item to age then you need to choose the right technique to age it properly. You will need to let the sun hit it, water splash on it, and allow your skin oils to Continue reading ‘The Art Of Aging Leather and Developing A Leather Patina’

DaLuca Handmade Shell Cordovan Horizontal Snap Wallets

Since DaLuca has been creating unique wallets out of shell cordovan for the most part of 2011, we though it was time to really create a useful product that bridges the gap between a shell cordovan bi-fold wallet and a shell cordovan vertical snap wallet. Our new shell cordovan wallet features a horizontal design that allows you to fold a US currency dollar bill in half and easily slide it into the large pocket of our new horizontal snap wallet. You can fit many credit cards or a driver’s license as well. The design is meant to easily replace a Continue reading ‘DaLuca Handmade Shell Cordovan Horizontal Snap Wallets’

DaLuca Handmade Shell Cordovan Bi Fold Wallet

With months of planning, waiting, creating, waiting, failing, testing, testing more and revising over and over….DaLuca is FINALLY insanely proud to present our 100% handmade Shell Cordovan Bi-Fold Wallets! These are some of the nicest, most unique shell cordovan wallets you can find made out of Shell Cordovan leather, in the world. They were completely designed in house at DaLuca and are available in Continue reading ‘DaLuca Handmade Shell Cordovan Bi Fold Wallet’